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Emergent Justice Collective

Nurturing the
emergent counterculture
in international justice

Our collective seeks to nurture the emergent counterculture to dominant practices in the international justice space. International law is rooted in coloniality and dominated by white supremacy culture. Punitive justice and carcerality are essentialized as the most viable models of justice. Our struggle is to counter these practices in both the substance of our work and the manner in which we engage with each other.

We collaboratively pursue strategies, including legal interventions, to further structural change of oppressive systems at the root of global injustice. We do this by centering intersectionality, community, healing, and transformation in justice and accountability processes.

We came together in search of a more equitable and sustainable way of engaging in international justice work. Recognizing that process is just as important as outcome, we are committed to embodying care, solidarity, interdependence, and collectivity over individualism.


For all inquiries please email: contact@emergentjusticecollective.org

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