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Cultivating Collective Care within the International Justice Space

Emergent Justice Collective Support and Solidarity Program
As we seek to fight injustices and systems of oppression in our work and lives, we often reach a point where we acknowledge that these systems are also active within our organizations as well as within ourselves. The majority of our workplaces are structured as hierarchical systems, anchored in patriarchy and white supremacy cultures. Many of us have incurred considerable harm, including secondary trauma, due to the lack of systems of care and support, and the prevalence of, often invisible, harmful practices in our organizations.

In October 2022, Emergent Justice Collective (EJC) launched its first ever Collective Support and Solidarity Program to hold and facilitate a supportive space through regular virtual group coaching and support sessions for those working in the international justice space. We aim to co-create intentional and authentic systems of care and support by claiming a communal space for vulnerability, accountability and healing. We aim to nurture a counterculture of international justice that takes a firm stance against the dominant cultures of individualism, perfection, and competition, and their effects on how we work with one another. We believe that we can only provide strength and support to one another, and pursue truly transformative and liberatory work against oppressive systems, if we are equipped to be agents of change in our lives. As Gloria Anzaldúa puts it: “I change myself, I change the world.” Or as adrienne maree brown offers: “we will not be able to claim something as a collective that we have not been in the practice of claiming for ourselves, in our bodies, with our time and our decisions”.


  • Build a space to release and move through difficult situations, including conflict and oppressive dynamics.
  • Support one another through empathetic listening and reflective inquiry in a non-judgmental environment or, when needed, concrete advice from our peers.
  • Build a support network that helps navigate discriminatory and oppressive systems and practices in our communities, including harmful work environments.
  • Collectively design and pursue strategies to survive, thrive and live equitably and sustainably and to tackle harmful systems, while interrogating and owning up to our share, role and responsibility (ability to respond) to them.
  • Build a group that can grow together in inclusive, antiracist, intersectional, trauma-informed, and community-centred practices.

  • Who can sign up?

    Those working in the international justice space, including international criminal, humanitarian and human rights law, in subject matters from conflict accountability to migration justice, gender and intersectional justice, or social justice fields, and who feel that they could benefit from a support network to collectively explore new approaches and engage in constructive and transformative ideation related to these issues. Preference will be given to persons who have been and are currently affected by systems of oppression, particularly those that experience discrimination and abuse based on multiple, intersecting parts of their identities.


    Dates for next cohorts will be announced shortly


    Virtual meetings of 90 min, scheduled every other week over the course of three months.


    Prices are based on a sliding scale, starting at 20 Euros (for all the sessions!), depending on the resources available to the individual participants.


    Register interest by sending us an email to contact@emergentjusticecollective.org

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